1,000 Volunteers + 1,000 In-home sensors = 1,000 Block-by-block ShakeMaps

Community Seismic Network is a new earthquake monitoring system based on a dense array of low-cost acceleration sensors.  A primary goal of the system is to produce block-by-block measurements of strong shaking during an earthquake.  Such "shake maps" can then be used by first responder agencies (e.g., fire department, utilities) to prioritize dispatch to areas of greatest likely damage.  Effective emergency response can occur despite damaged telephone services that prevent civilian calls for help from succeeding.

We are seeking volunteers from greater Pasadena (the one in California, USA) to host a small seismometer in their homes or offices for several years, beginning in April, 2011.  To participate, please first read the Project Overview, skim the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages, and then apply to be a volunteer!

When you are ready to install the device we've provided to you, click here to begin the installation.

For additional information, please contact us.

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