How to install a CSN Sensor

Once you have obtained a CSN sensor, you can install it through the following procedure.

  1. You will need "Administrator" privileges to install the software.
    • For Windows, you will need to log in (or switch user) to an account with Administrator privileges before proceeding
    • For Mac, you will need to know the Administrator password before proceeding
  2. Mac users will need to reboot during installation, so be prepared to save documents as applications shut down during the reboot step.
  3. Download the current version of the PC client software through the following links:
  4. If your browser doesn't automatically "unzip" and start the Installer application, you will need to locate and execute the downloaded file. Browsers often place the downloaded file in a folder named "My Downloads" or "Downloads" or directly into the desktop folder.  Look for a file named or and double-click on the icon to "unzip" the Installer application.
  5. If the unzipping step doesn't start the Installer application automatically:
    • Windows users: locate the application named CSN-win-current.exe and double-click on its icon to start the Installer application.
    • Mac users: locate the application whose name begins with CSN-rXXX (where XXX are numeric digits), and double click on the icon to start the Installer application.
  6. Install the software as per the instructions provided in the Installer application.  For additional help, see the Installation FAQ page.
  7. Using the supplied two-sided adhesive tape, attach the sensor to a solid object that is close enough that the USB cable can reach your computer. The ground floor is the best location, but building walls are OK too. If neither of these are available, attach it to a heavy object such as a desk. The sensor can be oriented horizontally or vertically; if possible, point the red triangle to the north.  The Installation FAQ has more info, photos, etc.
  8. Connect the sensor via the USB cable to a convenient USB port on your computer.  (All USB ports are equal, so choose front vs rear as you like.)  If you aren't sure where to find a USB port, get further information from the Installation FAQ.
  9. Check the status of your sensor on the CSN map.